Saturday, December 29, 2012

Outfit Post #22 & #23

Going to make this a short post with- a couple of outfits I wore before Christmas Eve. On Friday the 21st I used my last vacation day of the year; and Me, my Mommy, Big Sister and Little Sister all got the day off so we could spend it together. We've never done anything like this but boy was it alot of fun. We went to my Brothers first to spend some time with him and my nephew, then I introduced them to Plato's Closet (They had never been and really liked it. I also bought a dress, very New Girl style) and afterwards we went to Toys R Us and Academy to help my mom finish her Secret Santa shopping. I think were going to try to do something like this again. It was like we were kids again <3 This is what a wore.

Accessories: Scarf (DSW) "Mittens" & Spiked Bracelet (Hot Topic) Purse (Ebay) Red Bracelet (Shasa) Black/White tights & Navy Socks (Sock Dreams) Red/White OTKs (Spencers) 
Earrings (Asian I Candy) Boots (Sheik)

Love my Pandas, and these are cool. One side has an angry panda (see top picture) and the other side regular <3
And without all my winter gear. lol. Dress (Plato' s Closet - Hollister) Under Dress (F21) Jackets (Sears & F21)

And here's the outfit I wore the next, next day. It wasn't as cold so I skipped all the layers and wanted to feel "Holiday-e" so went with red and white/cream :) Kinda reminds me of a casual outfit Mrs.Clause would wear. lol

Dress (Plato's Closet - ) Sweater (American Eagle) Stockings (Leg Avenue)
Going to be posting more Holiday stuff since I'm sure nobody has had enough yet. ;P

Friday, December 28, 2012

Halloween Wkend Pt 3

After getting de-zombiefied, we got ready to hit the town. We didn't really have any definite plans, but ended up meeting a friend at a pool hall and spent the remainder of the night there. It was such a fun and great day. Here's a picture of me and my husband that my good friend took of us :)

Gotta love Instagram's filters. I look cool here. lol
My costume was an improvement from the last time I put it together. It took 3 cans of spray to get my hair that white and that stuff got EVERYWHERE! Not the best choice for an all black outfit. Next time I'm buying a wig. lol

Coincidentally I ran into another Storm there. She had a wig and looked so awesome <3
(Tried my best to center the pic below but it's not working)
See... Her hair looks cooler (O-O)

We also saw...
Chong & Cheech
Loofahs (These are so cool)
Bo Peep & her Sheep (Bo Peep glued cotton balls on a shirt and shorts to make his costume)
Found some Drunk Things
Nicki Minaj, Kim K & Minnie (photobombed by Flava Flav?)
South Park representing (Kenny, Kyle, Cartman & Stan)
My good friend Talin, Me & Adrian (who was a Zombie Monkey)
 How was y'alls Halloween? I'd love to hear about it. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa's Little Helper

This past Sunday me and Adrian headed over to Petsmart to help with pet pictures with Santa. We didn't have to bring anything but since I knew Santa would need some elfs to help and I love a good reason to dress up in theme; I busted out all of my white, red and green and narrowed it down to a casual "elf" inspired outfit.

Dress and Sweater (Plato's Closet) Thigh-Highs (Sock Dreams) Chucks (Journeys)
Rings (Shasa/GlamourGeekBoutique/DIY)
I love my candy cane chucks <3 I've had them for over 5 years now and always bring them out for the holidays. Adrian got them for me when he was working at Journey's as an assistant manager. They gave all the employees a pair and when he showed them to me I knew I had to have some too. Maybe one day I'll wear them not during the holidays. Oooooh. Maybe I'll do Christmas in July??? lol
Those are the tips of Adrian's shoes <3
I've always wanted to do a little volunteering and really wanted Adrian to join me so when I was looking for opportunities I knew this one would be one that he wouldn't completely despise (he's not one for keeping kids or the elderly company) lol.

A few people showed up to help and there wasn't alot to do (unless you went and looked for stuff) but we really enjoyed ourselves and even offered to help with future opportunities. And the BEST part? Adrian ended up being Santa at one point *(^-^)*

Hehehe... He actually looks "jolly" in this picture <3
After this great experience I really want to do more. Can't wait for this upcoming year; maybe I can do more volunteering although I think I will look for stuff with kids and the elderly because I love them. :)

Have ya'll ever volunteered before? If so where is your favorite place to do so?

More holiday stuff to come *(^-^)*

Monday, December 17, 2012

Outfit Post #20

This past weekend was great. So happy I only have to work 4 days this week then get to enjoy a 5 day Holiday weekend. YAY!

This is what I wore Saturday. Wasn't completely happy with how it came out but oh well :)
Btw, took these pictures late at night when I got home so I look kinda blah.
Dress/Undershirts/Tights/Belt (F21) Cardigan (Old Navy) Shoes (Marshalls - Guess)
Me and Adrian ran some errands in the morning (post office/Christmas shopping) then went over to my Big Sister's later to babysit my nephews and niece while her and her husband went to her company X-mas party. Boy was that fun :) We stayed up late watched movies and just hung out. I'm glad my sister trusts us enough that she'll let us watch her kids (especially with Adrian) lol.

Hair Clips (Hobby Lobby) Necklace (F21) Ring (GlamourGeek Boutiq)
Still have nail polish on my fingers because I painted them that night. lol
We got home pretty late and had to be up early the next morning but it was so worth it.
I say this quite alot but I really enjoy hanging out with my family <3

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nails - Strawberries

Saw a picture on Tumblr of some strawberry nails and the design looked simple enough but super cute so on Sunday I decided to take some time and try it out myself.

It took a while to do since you have to let all the coats dry but I think for my first time they came out pretty cool. I also made one pink one on each finger to see how it would look and I like both colors. I might invest in some brushes though to make it easier next time because trying to make details with the regular polish brush is tricky (._.) Having my nails all decorated makes me smile. Even as I am typing this I can't help but look down at my nails (even though I already do because I can't type without looking (>-<) I never learned properly. oops) Also when my nails are painted they tend to break less so I think I might try to consistently paint my nails and occasionally try some fun designs. Better start thinking of some fun Holiday designs because I have lots of X-mas themed outfits in my head <3 Yay! I love a reason to dress OTT *(^-^)* Do ya'll know of any fun easy nail designs? Love to hear them (so I can steal them, hehehe (evil laugh))...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Heart Pandas

Here's my outfit from Saturday. We didn't do anything special just lots of errands but I really wanted to wear the new panda ring I made so I busted out some black and white and added a little red to show some love :)
Top (Marshall's) Skirts (Party City/Claire's) OTKs (Sock Dreams) Cardigan (Old Navy) Shoes (EGL Sales - SS)
I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Definitely one of my favorite outfits <3
Earrings (AsianICandy) Hair Bows (Hot Topic) Lego Ring (GlamourGeekBoutique)
Red Bracelet/Heart Ring (Shasa) Pyramid Bracelet (Took from Adrian) Puffy Bracelet/Panda Ring (DIY)
  Lots of accessories. I don't really own alot, but I think seeing all of these fashions with excess (I love OTT) has really gotten to me because I want to wear everything and have lots of ideas of things I can make into accessories.

Panda Purse <3
I don't really see my love for pandas fading and I'm actually finding I love wearing things with animals or shapes or other things I love because when I see them I can't help but smile *(^o^)*

Do you have something you can't help but be happy when you're wearing it? Love to hear what it is :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

TMI Posts?

I now consider myself a bit of a blog groupie. I follow lots of blogs and love to see what outfits or adventures or sometimes DIY projects other people do. Alot of the blogs I follow are usually so nice and fun and kinda intimidating. These girls seem so cool and beautiful and all those awesome kind of things. I'm very new with all this "girly stuff". I never really wore make up till now (and still can't really put it on very well), I really suck at styling my hair and still have trouble with what seems like teenager problems (like acne).

I am FAR from perfect. I'm clumsy, forgetful and have very low self esteem. All though I'm a "grown up" I find myself still struggling with my internal demons. Sunday was one of THOSE days for me. You know. I think we all get them (maybe some more than others). Although it happens fewer than before, mine usually starts with not finding anything to wear, looking in the mirror hating what you see and then fighting the urge to cry and curl up in a little ball and refusing to leave the house (maybe that's just me). lol

But I'm hoping with this blog I can not only show the good of my life (like outfits & happy moments) but maybe I can also share some of the things that I am insecure with or problems that I may have and try to work through them and maybe get some advice or show things that I tried to help combat these problems. I know this is "somewhere over the rainbow" but life is not always gumdrops and lollipops (though I wish it was) and I don't want anyone to think that people who try to see the best in everything don't have any problems because we are all human and therefore all see some kind of hardships.

I will start the title of these posts with TMI, because let's face it; these topics won't be very glamorous and lots of people would consider them TMI but I feel they are kind of important in this journey to finding me. And who knows maybe someone is going through the same thing and feels no one understands what they're going through. If I could help just one person feel just a little better with it then it would all be worth it.

Work it out

Ok, so again with the sucky titles. Picked this one because this outfit is from Friday. I had a half day at work so I went in something that is a casual weekend outfit for me (only more darker) but not very "office appropriate" oooops. Surprisingly no one was really surprised with it. lol

Dress (Plato's Closet - F21) Jackets (F21 & ?) Stockings (Leg Avenue) Boots (Shiek)
Hair Accessories (Mall Kiosk) Bracelets (DIY & Hot Topic)
I really enjoy half days at work. There's always lots to do and not alot of time to do it so the time flies and before you know it it's time to leave/lunch :) After I got off I ended up meeting my good friend Talin for a Bday lunch and a little shopping. We weren't sure what we were going to do before hand (I left it upto the Bday girl) but I ended up really enjoying myself (and hope she did too). Sometimes just shopping with one of your favorite girls is just the way to pass the time and I haven't done anything like that for a while. I also ended up buying some panda gloves/mittens, a white polka dot top and a new pair of stockings <3. Can't wait to use them. Actually doing something on Friday (besides work) made the weekend feel a little longer and who doesn't love that :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Breaking Dawn

On Sunday my good friend and I finally decided to get out and watch the last movie of the Twilight series. Both of us had lots of people telling us it was a must watch and that there was a twist at the end so we were both super excited to watch it. I originally planned to have Adrian there but then decided against it because I really wanted to have some girl time and to be able to fangirl over it without being made fun of. lol

Talin came over to my place first and we watched Breaking Dawn pt. 1, since we only watched it in the theater when it first came out. Best decision ever because it made us even more hyped on our way to the theater. lol

I decided to wear all black (because it reminds me of vampires although Twilight doesn't have that kind. lol) Man was it hard to not grab my black and white striped stockings or my panda stuff  >-< and I felt a little odd in all black so I added my new ring so I wasn't ALL black. Adrian made the comment "Why do you wear all black when I'm not with you?" lol. His favorite color is black.

Dress (AsianICandy) Stockings & Socks (SockDreams) Boots (Shiek)
Talin and I had a really good time and the movie was as awesome as everyone said *(^o^)* plus we were able to catch up on life and girl stuff which I am always down for. Me and Adrian went out for dinner when I got home so he was able to enjoy his all black wearing wife after all. lol. I'm really sad that Twilight and Harry Potter have both come to end (XoX) Guess I need another book or movie series to read/watch or maybe I should just read/watch them all over again. Hmmmm... Anyone have any good suggestions? Love to hear them...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Walking Art

Sorry for the lame title I'm just really no good at coming up with them and my good friend's mom said I looked like a piece of art or a doll that could be sold *(^o^)* lol. On Saturday we attended a local event that my good friend invited us to. It was a DesignCraft fair with alot of local vendors selling stuff that they created.

Since it was an outdoor event I tried to keep my outfit light. I picked out one of my favorite dresses first. This dress is one of my best buys since I'm a sucker for a colorful prints (because it opens up the possibilities of colors it can be coordinated with) and I got it 2nd hand so it was very inexpensive. Can't beat that :) I tried to tone it down this time with some back and fuchsia (since my hair was freshly dyed around this color). I braided my hair the night before so I went with wavy poofy hair. I'm actually really pleased with how everything came out. It was kind of an OTT outfit but that's really what I like. I also had my panda purse w/a heart (yellow/fuchsia/purple) that I made pinned to it, but since I take outfit shots in the mirror accessory shots can be weird. Once I have my computer up and running I'll finally learn how to use the self timer on my camera and take better pictures. But until then this will have to do because otherwise I'd never get around to posting this and I'm only just starting this blog and don't want to fall off the wagon. lol Outfit Details: Dress (Plato's Closet - F21) Blouse (Charlotte Russe) Undershirt (F21) Stockings (SockDreams) Boots (Shiek) Hair Accessories (Mall Kiosk) Earrings (AsianICandy) Bracelets (DIY & Hot Topic - actually a choker)

We had such a great time. We didn't get as many things as we had hoped (the prices were kind of high) but I did get 3 new rings (2 legos ones and a tea cup w/saucer & spoon) that I am in love with and I'm sure you'll see lots of, oh and LOTS of homemade chocolate that my friends mom made. She is such a nice and very friendly lady that I knew I would buy some. But we went back for more after we tried it because they were that good. Adrian also got a shirt and a piece of art. Might need to take pictures of them and post them later as they are very interesting. It was an awesome experience and next year I'm thinking of even having my own booth to sell lots of cute things. I think it would be fun :) Afterwards we went to Herman Park for a nice walk and topped it off with a couple slices of pizza. lol. It's days like this that makes me very grateful for the life I've been given. Working sucks but it's necessary to work for the things you want and have in your life so maybe I'll be ready for Mondays more (jk, I hate Mondays! ;p)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Cleaning can be Fun?

I love a clean house that everything in it has a place where it belongs. Unfortunately when you live with 2 guys who could care less how clean things are or where something goes, and work alot it can be hard to find the motivation to clean or organize anything (maybe that's just me though).

On Sunday I woke up with the realization that I had to try to clean even a little.  I usually just sleep till Adrian is ready to get up but I thought I'd take this "alone time" to get some stuff done. So when I got up I washed my face, walked the dogs, ate, and brushed my teeth. When I know I'm staying home I usually just throw on whatever is closest to me but thought I'd go a different route this time. My clothes usually reflect my mood so I thought I'd put on something fun and easy to move around in.

This is what I ended up throwing together. I started with my bloomers (because they're almost shorts only alot more comfortable and roomier), then layered on a couple of petticoats (they're sheer so I got plenty of "air") and topped it of with a casual tee, some stockings and practical shoes. You can't really see my bloomers but they're sherbert colors: yellow, orange, pink and green and have rainbows and stuff on them which is why I went with those stockings.  I wanted my hair out of my face but still wanted a fun hair style so I made 2 odangos and pinned up my bangs. This isn't something I would really wear out of the house (I don't have that much confidence yet) but that's why it was so much fun to put together. I was able to make an outfit that would make me happy even though it was something I wouldn't normally wear. You don't have to only wear fun or pretty clothes out of the house you can wear clothes that you wish you could wear or something that you're not yet comfortable in yet to "take it for a test drive". Who knows it may change your mood, give you a little extra confidence or just satisfy an urge that you had to put it on. Just make sure that what you want to wear is ok to get dirty if you're doing something like cleaning, like me. I wore my apron to clean so I wouldn't completely ruin my clothes. It matched my outfit so it made me that much happier   *(^o^)* I really would like another cute apron so that way I can have one for cooking/baking and for cleaning but I'm really glad I at least have this one because it has definitely protected my outfits many times :)

I think my outfit did just the trick because after I was dressed I felt ready to take on the world (or in this case our messes). I headed to the kitchen put on some loud music and got to work. But don't worry I still did lots of singing and twirling (one of the reasons why I love a good flowy skirt). I didn't get everything done but I'm proud that I did anything at all. Guess my outfit helped ;P What do you like to wear when cleaning? Do you feel different depending on what you have on? Love to know...
Well it's Friday so I can't wait till after 5pm for my weekend to officially start.
Wonder what the world has in store...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Haul

After two days with family we were drained Saturday morning so we slept in pretty late. Adrian had been looking up reviews for some pizza joints in town because pizza is my favorite food and I always want to eat it so he thought we should try a new place.

The place we ended up at was close to downtown. We usually never go downtown because one ways are confusing and we get lost WAY too easily but since we've gotten new phones (w/Internet) our navigation has come in handy :)

The pizza was delicious. I got two different slices; a two meat one and a supreme. The crust was thin (but crispy) and the toppings were plentiful. Both were really good, will definitely be going back.

Afterwards we stopped at a few places to look around and right before heading home we stopped at Tuesday Morning because it had been a while since we last went. This place is awesome, if you have time and energy to look around because you never know what you're going to find and the prices are discounted :)

Here's the stuff I ended up getting that day

(3 Pk) Knee Socks w/Bonus pic of Kazama
Froggy Retractable Tape Measure (been needing one)
Tea Pot Pin Cushion (So cute and it matches my room so I can keep it on my dresser)
And last but not least: Collection of Pandas (They're so adorable. Going to use some as display and might make some into accessories)
Everything was very reasonably priced and I really do love all of the things I got. Sometimes the things you have to look for end up being some of the things you'll cherish most ;)

I also saw a very cute miniature pastel tea set and wanted to get it for my niece but my husband said unless I found something for her brothers (x3) that I had to put it back because it wouldn't be fair :( I'm not good with boy stuff so I reluctantly put it back in exchange for the pandas. Even after a few days I couldn't get my mind off the tea set so yesterday on my way home from work I stopped at the store again and told myself that if it wasn't there then it wasn't meant to be (there was only one set) and then I could forget about it.

After some searching I found it *(^o^)*

It really is super cute and I can probaly get some kind of use out of it so I'm keeping it for me ;)
Put it on display on my dresser (I switched up the plates and cups to mix match because I like it better than all one color)
Now, I want to have a tea party with my niece. We can get all dressed up and invite all of her stuff animal friends (*-*)
The rest of Saturday was spent lazing around the house which was fine with me after all the hustling and bustling. And I'm also very happy with my purchases (^-^)
Do you have a place you like to go and find odds and ends? Or somewhere you like to go to kill sometime? Love to hear about it...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2nd Thanksgiving

This year my family got together Friday for Thanksgiving. I'm really glad because it gave us the whole day to hang out. Family time is really one of my most cherished times and almost all of my siblings made it out :)
My Little Brother's Bday was on Wednesday and my Step-Mom's was Thursday (Thanksgiving Day)so I surprised them with a cake and of course we sang Happy Birthday :)
More Thanksgiving food... Oh yeah! Kinda want more now
To get everyone in a more thankful mood we cut out some paper and everyone wrote down what they were thankful for. I then strung them up with some ribbon for display
Close up of some of them. That ribbon came handy. I bought it for a dollar at Michael's a while back and matched really well :) Ended up a great back drop for pictures, which I made everyone take ;)
And my outfit shot. These are cell phone pictures so they didn't come out that great -_-
 I wanted to dress festive so I busted out my fall colors. Of course my family was like why are you a pumpkin when it's Thanksgiving. I told them that pumpkins are fall not just Halloween and Thanksgiving is Fall ;P
Dress (Hautelook - Jack, BB Dakota) Undershirt (Marshall's) OTKs (F21) Cardigan (Old Navy) Shoes (Shoe Dazzle)
Bonus: I usually don't put my family's pictures here but my Nephew is too cute and getting so BIG :)
I can't believe we are in the last week of November and I know it's going to fly by and we'll be in the New Year (o_o) Have to try to make the most out of every day then ;) How did everyone else spend Thanksgiving? Did anyone else had a double Thanksgiving? Love to hear about it...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Halloween Wkend Pt 2

Although Christmas just passed and I still have lots to post. I decided to post these Halloween pictures I haven't been able to show you guys since I haven't had a computer (besides my work one).

The Saturday before Halloween was a big day for festivities; especially for us adults ;) We woke up late as usual, and needed to head out to run some errands. I was too excited for what the day had in store for us that while getting ready I couldn't help but start picking an outfit that reflected my Halloween mind. I wasn't sure if I would wear the hat I made the night before but went ahead and did it because I knew I probably wouldn't get another chance.

Dress (Plato's Closet - Xhilaration) Jacket (PacSun years ago - DC) to keep my jacket closed w/out zipping it I added the Googly Eye Bow (DIY - A modified version of the Hello Kitty Bows I made for my nieces bday party; I will eventually get around to making a tutorial) Stockings (Leg Avenue) Boots (Sheik) Necklace (F21) Hat (DIY)

Stockings pic from my POV :)

When we got home from running around we got ready for our first Halloween activity; Houston's 5th Annual Zombie Walk! My husband heard about it last year and with his love for zombies (mostly killing them. lol) we knew we had to go this year. It was our first time, but definitely not our last :) We had to get ready in a hurry since we were running late, but I still think we did a good job. I was originally planning to wear one of my old cheer leading uniforms but it ended up being really cold so I changed my outfit at the last minute. It was kinda inspired by Shiro Lolita :) I definitely stood out in my all white, and he just went with the same costume he used for the zombie party we had for his brother. There were so many good costumes; I realized later that the costumes with more blood looked a lot better so next year I will go super bloody.

Got this pic when we got back home before we washed up and changed      

*Update - My friend found this picture of us during the walk. lol
Adrian (my husband) got his costume idea from Black Ops. lol
Leela and Fry Zombies
They won Best Zombie Family.  Pretty cool parents :)
Heading out to infest the streets
Me attacking an Umbrella Corp guy. lol
 The walk was about 4 blocks down a busy street and 4 blocks back. We really got into it and were grunting and dragging our feet. A lot of the other people were just walking normally and laughing and smiling but I think that if you're dressed as a zombie and doing a zombie walk it's only appropriate to play the part; so we did just that. A few of the other walkers made comments to us about our dedication to play the part and husbands reply was "Well, we paid for this so we're getting our moneys worth" lol. My fingers were numb from the cold but surprisingly I wasn't really cold, I think because it was such a work out. Keeping your hands up and dragging your feet. We were sore for 2 days after, lol. When the walk ended we headed back home to get ready to go out again.

Going to break the day in two parts since I have so many pictures.  Check out Part 3 for more Halloween fun!