Monday, November 26, 2012

Halloween Wkend Pt 2

Although Christmas just passed and I still have lots to post. I decided to post these Halloween pictures I haven't been able to show you guys since I haven't had a computer (besides my work one).

The Saturday before Halloween was a big day for festivities; especially for us adults ;) We woke up late as usual, and needed to head out to run some errands. I was too excited for what the day had in store for us that while getting ready I couldn't help but start picking an outfit that reflected my Halloween mind. I wasn't sure if I would wear the hat I made the night before but went ahead and did it because I knew I probably wouldn't get another chance.

Dress (Plato's Closet - Xhilaration) Jacket (PacSun years ago - DC) to keep my jacket closed w/out zipping it I added the Googly Eye Bow (DIY - A modified version of the Hello Kitty Bows I made for my nieces bday party; I will eventually get around to making a tutorial) Stockings (Leg Avenue) Boots (Sheik) Necklace (F21) Hat (DIY)

Stockings pic from my POV :)

When we got home from running around we got ready for our first Halloween activity; Houston's 5th Annual Zombie Walk! My husband heard about it last year and with his love for zombies (mostly killing them. lol) we knew we had to go this year. It was our first time, but definitely not our last :) We had to get ready in a hurry since we were running late, but I still think we did a good job. I was originally planning to wear one of my old cheer leading uniforms but it ended up being really cold so I changed my outfit at the last minute. It was kinda inspired by Shiro Lolita :) I definitely stood out in my all white, and he just went with the same costume he used for the zombie party we had for his brother. There were so many good costumes; I realized later that the costumes with more blood looked a lot better so next year I will go super bloody.

Got this pic when we got back home before we washed up and changed      

*Update - My friend found this picture of us during the walk. lol
Adrian (my husband) got his costume idea from Black Ops. lol
Leela and Fry Zombies
They won Best Zombie Family.  Pretty cool parents :)
Heading out to infest the streets
Me attacking an Umbrella Corp guy. lol
 The walk was about 4 blocks down a busy street and 4 blocks back. We really got into it and were grunting and dragging our feet. A lot of the other people were just walking normally and laughing and smiling but I think that if you're dressed as a zombie and doing a zombie walk it's only appropriate to play the part; so we did just that. A few of the other walkers made comments to us about our dedication to play the part and husbands reply was "Well, we paid for this so we're getting our moneys worth" lol. My fingers were numb from the cold but surprisingly I wasn't really cold, I think because it was such a work out. Keeping your hands up and dragging your feet. We were sore for 2 days after, lol. When the walk ended we headed back home to get ready to go out again.

Going to break the day in two parts since I have so many pictures.  Check out Part 3 for more Halloween fun!

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