Friday, November 30, 2012

Cleaning can be Fun?

I love a clean house that everything in it has a place where it belongs. Unfortunately when you live with 2 guys who could care less how clean things are or where something goes, and work alot it can be hard to find the motivation to clean or organize anything (maybe that's just me though).

On Sunday I woke up with the realization that I had to try to clean even a little.  I usually just sleep till Adrian is ready to get up but I thought I'd take this "alone time" to get some stuff done. So when I got up I washed my face, walked the dogs, ate, and brushed my teeth. When I know I'm staying home I usually just throw on whatever is closest to me but thought I'd go a different route this time. My clothes usually reflect my mood so I thought I'd put on something fun and easy to move around in.

This is what I ended up throwing together. I started with my bloomers (because they're almost shorts only alot more comfortable and roomier), then layered on a couple of petticoats (they're sheer so I got plenty of "air") and topped it of with a casual tee, some stockings and practical shoes. You can't really see my bloomers but they're sherbert colors: yellow, orange, pink and green and have rainbows and stuff on them which is why I went with those stockings.  I wanted my hair out of my face but still wanted a fun hair style so I made 2 odangos and pinned up my bangs. This isn't something I would really wear out of the house (I don't have that much confidence yet) but that's why it was so much fun to put together. I was able to make an outfit that would make me happy even though it was something I wouldn't normally wear. You don't have to only wear fun or pretty clothes out of the house you can wear clothes that you wish you could wear or something that you're not yet comfortable in yet to "take it for a test drive". Who knows it may change your mood, give you a little extra confidence or just satisfy an urge that you had to put it on. Just make sure that what you want to wear is ok to get dirty if you're doing something like cleaning, like me. I wore my apron to clean so I wouldn't completely ruin my clothes. It matched my outfit so it made me that much happier   *(^o^)* I really would like another cute apron so that way I can have one for cooking/baking and for cleaning but I'm really glad I at least have this one because it has definitely protected my outfits many times :)

I think my outfit did just the trick because after I was dressed I felt ready to take on the world (or in this case our messes). I headed to the kitchen put on some loud music and got to work. But don't worry I still did lots of singing and twirling (one of the reasons why I love a good flowy skirt). I didn't get everything done but I'm proud that I did anything at all. Guess my outfit helped ;P What do you like to wear when cleaning? Do you feel different depending on what you have on? Love to know...
Well it's Friday so I can't wait till after 5pm for my weekend to officially start.
Wonder what the world has in store...

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