Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Outfit Post #33

Another short outfit post; hope to catch up soon. I know I say that every time, but for cereal. Going to try scheduling things I need to do at home so I use my time better during the week. I tend to get lazy when I get home and not do anything so the things I should be doing everyday go undone and my list just grows. Maybe if I do that my weekends can be used to be lazy or whatever it is I want to do and not feel guilty or anxious about it <3

Anyways, this is just another casual outfit for the weekend. I'm really enjoying using black and white as an accent then adding in more colors. On this day I used my butterfly dress (yes again) and brought out the black/white, pink & yellow. To help bring out the black and white even more I made a panda pin for my dress. So this outfit is kinda panda-y again. I also wore my panda purse but forgot to wear it for my pictures. Not a big deal since I wear it so often ;P

Shirt/Undershirt (Agaci/F21) Dress (Plato's Closet - F21) Hoodie/Jacket (Sears/F21) Stockings (Sockdreams)
Another outfit I was happy with. Yay! Dressing up is fun ^-^ I'll leave with that then

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Outfit Post #32

Will try to keep this short, since I don't have much time to type this up and I'm way behind. lol
This is the outfit I wore a few weekends ago. It was a really nice day spent running errands, and that night we met up a friend to celebrate her birthday. We were supposed to go to the zoo (which is why I had to represent the pandas) but we slept in to late as usual. lol
Took these around 3 in the morning when I got home so my eyes are very red and tired looking
Hair Bow/Zombie Panda/Panda's Bow/Panda Ring/Koosh Ring (DIY)
Bracelets (HotTopic/Claire's) Earrings (AsianICandy)
Jackets (American Eagle/F21) Undershirt (Wet Seal) Dress/Purse (Ebay - Hell Bunny) Necklace (F21)
Stockings/Socks (Sock Dreams) Shoes (Sheik)
This was another outfit I enjoyed wearing alot. What can I say I love pandas and black/white mixed with other colors. And this dress (as you might know) is a favorite. Might try to make use it in Lolita one day (dreams...)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Nails - Melty

 Almost forgot to post this. These are the nails I had planned to wear with my first New Years outfit, before I ended up with another outfit. I wanted them to match the rainbow metallic colors on my heels and I've been wanting to try out melty nails so I put them together.

Although they took a while to do and they didn't come out perfect, for my first try I really liked them. I really should try to do my nails more often. Not only do I enjoy staring at  them as I type on my computer, drive or pretty much do anything with my hands (what can I say I'm easily distracted) but they also prevent my nails from breaking so easily. Hope I can get better about that. :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Outfit Post #31

Another quick outfit post. Wore this for errands and shopping. Adrian actually liked this one since I darkened the look of my colorful dress with black and pink; also a girl working at F21 told me I look like a harajuku girl *(^-^)* That was the first time anyone told me that. Guess my influence from Japanese fashion is showing more.

Dress (Plato's Closet - F21) Undershirt (Walmart) Stockings/Socks (Sock Dreams) Jackets (F21 & Sears)

I really enjoyed wearing this outfit. Felt like myself in it (^-^) And I will always love this dress so sorry you will be seeing me in it alot. lol. The colors duke, the colors...

Spongebob's Baby Shower

A few weeks ago I was able to attend a baby shower for a good friend of mine from high school. I hadn't really spent much time with her or any of the people I went to HS with so I was a bit nervous. Although my nerves were unwarranted because once we were together it felt natural, almost like we were back in time :)

I was one of the first people to arrive (I'm usually ALWAYS late. lol) Since I love to take pictures I asked the Mommy to be if it would be OK if I took the pictures for the event. And she said yes. Yay! I ended up with over 200 pictures. It was so much fun!

Some of the goodies/decor set up
Close up of the sweets <3 They were all yummy
Everyone wrote their wishes or advice for the MTB on the clothes and hung them on the "clothes line". So Cute
Me playing the TP game. I didn't win anything :( and was one of the first people out on musical chairs (I even fell) lol
Mini Softball Class of 05' Reunion
Top: Me (2nd Base) Olga (2nd/Outfield)
Front: Rocio (Outfield) Priscilla (Catcher) Janet (Pitcher)
These girls are awesome and it was so good to catch up. Hope we can hang again soon (^-^)

And more details and pictures of my outfit. I wanted to "try" to look mature. lol
I ended up being dark compared to everyone with all my black. Oops (plan fail)
Dress (Marshall's) Jacket (F21) OTKs (Sock Dreams) Shoes (Shoe Dazzle)
First time I wore my hair like this. I liked it alot, especially the way the color looks with it <3
Some people thought I was wearing a head band. lol
And better view of my shoes. They are TALL. But very pin upy <3
Overall I'm glad I had this experience. I really need to put myself out there more, because you never know how things will end up but if you just never do it then nothing will ever be able to come of it. You can do it! (Sorry, trying to keep my spirits up ;P)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Outfit Post #29

Here's another short post.
I can't remember exactly what I did this day but probably just some errands and such :)
I really like this dress, it was a buy from Plato's closet when I went with my Mom and Sisters.
It kinda reminds me of The New Girl style. lol And is very versatile.
Dress (Charolette Russe) Top (Actually a dress - F21) Jacket (F21) Socks (Sock Dreams) Tights (Claire's)
And some other detailed shots. Lighting is kinda bad with these darker colors but hopefully you can still see it ok :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Outfit Post #28

This is what I wore for the Saturday of Adrian's bday. We were supposed to go see Monster Trucks but alot happened and instead we went to the movies with a couple friend.
Was still a great night though since we got to catch up with our friends and finally got to watch a movie in the theater which has been quite a long time. lol.
The movie we watched was D'jango. It was a very good movie but had lots of blood( ゚ Д゚)
Top/Skirt/Jacket/Cream Socks (F21) Hair Clips/Bracelet (Hot Topic) Knee Highs (Sock Dreams)
This is one of the first outfits that I got alot of compliments on. I felt so cool (#^.^#) And it as fun mixing the different patterns. I was quite happy with the way everything came out.
I feel like I'm finally starting to get the hang of my style, which is an awesome feeling. Practice makes perfect so I hope I can continue to get the motivation to dress for myself on weekends.

Outfit Post #27

I've been really bad lately about updating this blog so I think I might just start doing quick outfit posts and keeping these short and sweet. At least until I catch up. lol

This is what I wore for us to go out to eat for Adrian's bday (His bday is Jan. 8 but we went on the 9th). We ate at his favorite restaurant Papadauex. Since it was his birthday I decided to wear all black since he really likes when I wear head to toe black. lol.
Dress/Jacket/Necklace (F21) Stockings (Sock Dreams) Socks (Tuesday Morning) Shoes (DSW - Steve Madden)
Please excuse my terrible stocking runs. The first time I wore them I ended up taking off my shoes and walking bare foot so I got a few runs on my heels and I tried to do random runs to make it look cool and instead it just looks tacky. lol. Oh well, lesson learned >-<
Hair close-up. Finally got the hang of a very simple side ponytail that I found on YouTube. Took a while to get it right but now it's easier to do and becoming one of my go to hairstyles :) I think it looks cool with my color...

Do you have a go to hairstyle you use when on a time crunch? Or are you learning any new styles? Love to hear about it...