Thursday, March 27, 2014

BSB Concert

To celebrate my Mom and Big Sister's bday back in August I bought us tickets to go see the Backstreet Boys. They were lawn tickets but we still had a really great time.

Car ride up there
(from left to right) My sister's BFF, My Big Sister (she's so beautiful), My friend Nguyen, My Mommy and Me 
My Mom had a blast and danced with us the whole time. lol

It was PACKED!!! And surprisingly not all girls

This was magical in person. Everything was lit up *^*

I'm sure if you ask anyone about this concert they'd tell you it was AWESOME!!! They still have an amazing voice and all the old dance moves. They even put to shame an up and coming boy group they came on before them. I would go to another concert if of course I could score another great deal on it ;)

Didn't wear anything special because I had to try to stay as cool as possible. Texas weather can be pretty brutal.

This pic was taken after the concert so I'm sweaty and gross. lol
If you have a chance to see them I'd say do it. But definitely take some friends with you because the energy is something that should be shared with some cool people :)