Friday, January 3, 2014

Outfit Dump 58 - 62

Man, I have neglected this blog like the black plague. I'm so behind so I'm going to have lots of outfit dumps so I can attempt to catch up.

I wore this back in July to take my Mother-in-law out to celebrate her birthday. We went to get her nails/toes done, get her makeup done (and some false eyelashes) and pick out a new wig. I don't think my outfit was too extreme but I did get a lot of comments from people all day, from negative to positive. lol My MIL liked it and didn't mind me being dressed the way I was so I didn't really care what others said, just find it funny.

Had an HLC meet-up at NASA also. So I wore a space themed outfit.
You can check out how my day went and lots more pictures here

The next day one of the girls from our community had a launch for the online store she was starting out so I dressed up in Lolita (but nothing fancy). You can see more pictures and details about her store here.
My handmade bunny purse
And one of the dresses I tried on there. I ended up buying another one but I really love this print

And a simple and breezy outfit for a birthday dinner for Adrian's Uncle (such bad lighting)

And another simple/casual outfit (light pink/black and stars)

I skipped putting where my stuff came from but if there is something you're curious about just let me know. That's it for this one!