Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nails - Strawberries

Saw a picture on Tumblr of some strawberry nails and the design looked simple enough but super cute so on Sunday I decided to take some time and try it out myself.

It took a while to do since you have to let all the coats dry but I think for my first time they came out pretty cool. I also made one pink one on each finger to see how it would look and I like both colors. I might invest in some brushes though to make it easier next time because trying to make details with the regular polish brush is tricky (._.) Having my nails all decorated makes me smile. Even as I am typing this I can't help but look down at my nails (even though I already do because I can't type without looking (>-<) I never learned properly. oops) Also when my nails are painted they tend to break less so I think I might try to consistently paint my nails and occasionally try some fun designs. Better start thinking of some fun Holiday designs because I have lots of X-mas themed outfits in my head <3 Yay! I love a reason to dress OTT *(^-^)* Do ya'll know of any fun easy nail designs? Love to hear them (so I can steal them, hehehe (evil laugh))...

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