Friday, December 28, 2012

Halloween Wkend Pt 3

After getting de-zombiefied, we got ready to hit the town. We didn't really have any definite plans, but ended up meeting a friend at a pool hall and spent the remainder of the night there. It was such a fun and great day. Here's a picture of me and my husband that my good friend took of us :)

Gotta love Instagram's filters. I look cool here. lol
My costume was an improvement from the last time I put it together. It took 3 cans of spray to get my hair that white and that stuff got EVERYWHERE! Not the best choice for an all black outfit. Next time I'm buying a wig. lol

Coincidentally I ran into another Storm there. She had a wig and looked so awesome <3
(Tried my best to center the pic below but it's not working)
See... Her hair looks cooler (O-O)

We also saw...
Chong & Cheech
Loofahs (These are so cool)
Bo Peep & her Sheep (Bo Peep glued cotton balls on a shirt and shorts to make his costume)
Found some Drunk Things
Nicki Minaj, Kim K & Minnie (photobombed by Flava Flav?)
South Park representing (Kenny, Kyle, Cartman & Stan)
My good friend Talin, Me & Adrian (who was a Zombie Monkey)
 How was y'alls Halloween? I'd love to hear about it. :)

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