Monday, January 28, 2013

New Years

This New Years despite us saying we were going to try to make plans, we ended up not
 (because we're big procrastinators >_<)

I did however "plan" my outfit for the night. I combined two of my loves. Stars & Rainbows <3

Unfortunately the weather didn't get my outfit memo, and it rained all day.
And since I didn't want to ruin my fabulous shoes (they're suede) I ended up not wearing it :(
Guess I'll save this outfit for a glamorous night out on the town ;P

This is what I ended up in in the end. Went more casual since we decided on a low key night.

Dress/Top/Jacket (F21) Stockings (Sock Dreams) Leg Warmers (Wet Seal)

Finally wore the skeleton stockings I bought before Halloween. I really like them now; they're so fun <3 I tried to layer up since it had been cold all week and instead it was just muggy, humid and wet. I really need to try to start checking outside before I finalize the outfit I decide to wear. lol

We ended up ringing in the New Year with Adrian's family, and I must say it was a perfect way to do so. Hung out and made lots of memories <3

Our midnight Cheers!
Toast to the New Year! May it be filled with lots of love, laughs and good people. I really feel like this year will even better than last year and I can't wait to see what it has in store for me. I didn't really make a New Year's resolution but I'm going to continue my tradition I started last year and just try to be the Me that I want to be :)  Did you make a resolution or have something you'd like to accomplish this year? Love to hear it...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was even more hectic then I was expecting it to be. lol. We were in charge of bringing the green bean casserole and dessert (chocolate candy cane cupcakes) to my family and brownies to Adrian's family. Luckily I did the brownies and cupcakes (-the toppings) the night before.
Of course I had to wear a super Holiday-e outfit
Dress (Plato's Closet) Cardigan (Old Navy) Stockings (Sock Dreams)
We first went to Adrian's parents' to open gifts :) His mother did such a great job decorating

My Secret Santa got me Minne footie pajamas, sock monkey slip on socks and pretty stationary (which I will put to good use) :)
After we opened gifts we went to my family's get together

Got a colorful lamp from Santa this time; which I am now using at my workstation

Had a blast hanging out with my family as usual and Santa even surprised the boys and girls with a Spongebob (which actually was a pineapple) and Barbie gingerbread houses.
Little Sister helped the boys (the rest of the boys were outside playing with one of my nephew's new BB gun)
And I helped the girls. Ginger bread houses are so hard. You have to let the frame dry properly (which we didn't) before overloading it with stuff. Our's almost collapsed several times; but luckily we had enough hands to hold it together long enough to get pictures. lol

Pretty good and very colorful <3. We almost gave up (which the boys ended up doing) but kept on going. Yay! Girl Power!!
Two of my Beautiful Nieces
After we got "proof" that we finished it; we didn't waste anytime tearing it apart and eating it.
Later in the evening we then went to Adrian's family and ate, hung out, opened white elephant gifts and then played pictionary (which we won on a come back of 4 points. Woohoo)
Family, Food and Great Memories everything you need to make it a perfect Christmas.
Did you have a good Chistmas? Have you ever made a gingerbread house? Love to hear about it..

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Eve

This year me and Adrian tried to get all our holiday and grocery shopping for Christmas done early so that we didn't have to venture out of the house on Christmas Eve. And we actually did it :)

Since we were staying in and I knew the next day we'd been running around alot, I decided to try to keep the day pretty lax. I threw on some red and green clothes and finally tried out Usagi's hair. lol

Don't think I will be using my camera for mirror pictures anymore. The phone ones come out better I think; these came out kinda weird.I have no makeup on (although I don't very often) and I need to practice teasing my hair more because I really suck at it (and these buns should be poofier). lol After I had my outfit complete I noticed that this hairstyle with this outfit didn't look very good. Hahaha. Good thing I didn't have to leave the house. Although now I put it on the internet so...

This year really went by quick; and I procrastinated alot! If you've read any of my Holiday related posts you know I love a good excuse to decorate or dress up so the fact that I didn't put up and decorations at my house might have been contributing to why this year didn't seem as festive. So on this day I decided to put up at least some of my decorations, not as much as usual but I at least got up the stockings, Christmas tree & snowflakes :)
I love my Santa picture; made it over 7 years ago. Maybe I should redo a bigger one.
I also really like my snowflakes. I made some these a few years back, but last year me and my friend Talin re-glittered them on both sides and added more. It took a while but I love how sparklely they are. I like to sit and watch the colors as they spin in the air <3

I attempted to take a picture of the sparkle but this picture dosen't do it justice
And our Charlie Brown Christmas tree (since we can't have a real one because of the cats)
Also got around to finishing the gifts I made for my nephews and niece. Zombie Pandas (in their favorite color) and Hello Kitty pins. They liked them :)
And here's a picture of all of our gifts (for other people) that we wrapped. I love wrapping paper and only bought two new rolls this year. Usually I buy more but I tried to contain myself.
We were up late (after midnight so we opened our gifts that night! Me with the gift Adrian got me. He wrapped it all by himself and did a really good job this year. He even added sunglasses to my tag so my penguin was cool :) And it was a laptop! Yay! Now I can blog on my own computer <3 (also got awesome Hello Kitty and Domo socks... I love socks!!!)

Adrian spent the day giving the dogs a haircut so when he was done we put on their holiday Pjs. They actually liked them this year (bought them a few years ago. lol)

This is Kazama . He's our first born and the baddest, but he also loves attention. lol
And this is Kiyami our sweet little girl who is also the police of the house. lol
If she know's you're doing something you shouldn't she will let you know.

I'm falling behind with my posts. Oops. But hope to catch up soon. Christmas is next :)