Friday, September 28, 2012

First Post - About me

Hello! I'm Angel :)

I'm the 4th oldest of 15 kids. Yes, you heard that right ;P Out of my mom's 5 kids I am the middle child. I've always been a little strange. My Mommy said as a child I used to get mad alot but would cheer up almost immediately and that I was always very helpful.

Growing up I always felt different from everyone else, although I really didn't want to and tried my best to fit in. It didn't work very well nor did it help that we moved alot. In Junior High after not being able to try out for cheerleading (I had got an F) I ended up playing football until I failed another class and couldn't play anymore :( Because of this I was called a lesbian and out casted even more, so when my Grandpa passed away (he was my "Father" in a sense) I decided to live with my Dad.

In this new school we wore uniforms which was good for me because I didn't have alot. As "fresh meat" I started to come into my own more and would wear my hair really wacky almost everyday. Then when I started Highschool I began to dress really girly and despite that I still got asked if I was Bi-sexual so when my Sophomore year came around I no longer cared and wore what I wanted (which was alot of rainbows and crazy outfits). There was no point in trying to dress a certain way when everyone labeled you how ever they wanted anyways. I was very active in highschool and did alot of sports. As a Freshmen I did Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball and Softball. I realized my Sophomore year that I was better at Cross Country and Softball so I stuck with that until I graduated and even joined the Cheerleading Squad my Junior and Senior year (not your typical Cheer Leader ;P)

I used to always dress for me but I began working at Aeropostale to help pay my living expenses and got discounts so my style started to change again. I met my husband my Senior year around the time I was living on my own and we became engaged right away (although we waited 4 years to get married). We just clicked ;) When I graduated I continued working at the mall only at American Eagle so the things I bought came from there and so my style became toned down.

As I got older I started working office jobs so I started to buy more office appropriate clothes with my spending money. I didn't think much about it at the time. And then I saw the movie "In Her Shoes". I had never owned heels so I bought my first pair and had to get more and more. I loved the way they made me feel. I could be wearing a simple outfit but if my shoes were cute or funky it could change the whole feel of what I was wearing.

Growing up we never really had much (but I was still very happy) so once I could actually afford things I wanted I was really not sure how to go about it. I eventually had a whole closet full of heels and realized that I am the type of person who only wears heels "Out" and yet I never really go "Out". I also bought clothes that I thought others looked good in. I have a very standard body so the clothes I bought didn't look bad on me but I didn't feel like me with them on. I felt like I was trying to be someone else.

One day at work I saw a picture of a girl who did a really pretty eye makeup tutorial and found out she had a blog. I was never really one to spend time on the Internet but once I started reading her blog I couldn't help but go through the whole thing. Her style was just so awesome and not the usual but very her. They were quirky, cute, cozy... it really just depended on what she felt. I was in awe :) Which led me to discover more cute girls' blogs. Everyone had their own style <3

At the beginning of the year (2012) my New Years resolution was to be more ME. So, I started to do things that made me happy despite what others thought. It has been a long road but I am finally starting to feel the ME I lost somewhere come out little by little. It has been hard at times but luckily I have my husband, family and friends who support and love me no matter what (or so I like to think that ;P)

I enjoy wearing girly things but alot of times they're very over the top because that really is who I am. I get alot of my fashion inspiration from Japanese street fashion and old school styles. Although I don't get to wear what I want to work I have been trying to dress in things that make me happy when I get a chance. I hope to continue to do this and maybe some day I can give someone else the confidence Keiko and other bloggers have given me to be who I am. Sure it's not to every body's liking but I like it and can no longer please everyone else. Here I will share my life, stories, good times and of course fashion. Hope you enjoy the ride. I know I will ;)