Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Breaking Dawn

On Sunday my good friend and I finally decided to get out and watch the last movie of the Twilight series. Both of us had lots of people telling us it was a must watch and that there was a twist at the end so we were both super excited to watch it. I originally planned to have Adrian there but then decided against it because I really wanted to have some girl time and to be able to fangirl over it without being made fun of. lol

Talin came over to my place first and we watched Breaking Dawn pt. 1, since we only watched it in the theater when it first came out. Best decision ever because it made us even more hyped on our way to the theater. lol

I decided to wear all black (because it reminds me of vampires although Twilight doesn't have that kind. lol) Man was it hard to not grab my black and white striped stockings or my panda stuff  >-< and I felt a little odd in all black so I added my new ring so I wasn't ALL black. Adrian made the comment "Why do you wear all black when I'm not with you?" lol. His favorite color is black.

Dress (AsianICandy) Stockings & Socks (SockDreams) Boots (Shiek)
Talin and I had a really good time and the movie was as awesome as everyone said *(^o^)* plus we were able to catch up on life and girl stuff which I am always down for. Me and Adrian went out for dinner when I got home so he was able to enjoy his all black wearing wife after all. lol. I'm really sad that Twilight and Harry Potter have both come to end (XoX) Guess I need another book or movie series to read/watch or maybe I should just read/watch them all over again. Hmmmm... Anyone have any good suggestions? Love to hear them...

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