Monday, December 3, 2012

Walking Art

Sorry for the lame title I'm just really no good at coming up with them and my good friend's mom said I looked like a piece of art or a doll that could be sold *(^o^)* lol. On Saturday we attended a local event that my good friend invited us to. It was a DesignCraft fair with alot of local vendors selling stuff that they created.

Since it was an outdoor event I tried to keep my outfit light. I picked out one of my favorite dresses first. This dress is one of my best buys since I'm a sucker for a colorful prints (because it opens up the possibilities of colors it can be coordinated with) and I got it 2nd hand so it was very inexpensive. Can't beat that :) I tried to tone it down this time with some back and fuchsia (since my hair was freshly dyed around this color). I braided my hair the night before so I went with wavy poofy hair. I'm actually really pleased with how everything came out. It was kind of an OTT outfit but that's really what I like. I also had my panda purse w/a heart (yellow/fuchsia/purple) that I made pinned to it, but since I take outfit shots in the mirror accessory shots can be weird. Once I have my computer up and running I'll finally learn how to use the self timer on my camera and take better pictures. But until then this will have to do because otherwise I'd never get around to posting this and I'm only just starting this blog and don't want to fall off the wagon. lol Outfit Details: Dress (Plato's Closet - F21) Blouse (Charlotte Russe) Undershirt (F21) Stockings (SockDreams) Boots (Shiek) Hair Accessories (Mall Kiosk) Earrings (AsianICandy) Bracelets (DIY & Hot Topic - actually a choker)

We had such a great time. We didn't get as many things as we had hoped (the prices were kind of high) but I did get 3 new rings (2 legos ones and a tea cup w/saucer & spoon) that I am in love with and I'm sure you'll see lots of, oh and LOTS of homemade chocolate that my friends mom made. She is such a nice and very friendly lady that I knew I would buy some. But we went back for more after we tried it because they were that good. Adrian also got a shirt and a piece of art. Might need to take pictures of them and post them later as they are very interesting. It was an awesome experience and next year I'm thinking of even having my own booth to sell lots of cute things. I think it would be fun :) Afterwards we went to Herman Park for a nice walk and topped it off with a couple slices of pizza. lol. It's days like this that makes me very grateful for the life I've been given. Working sucks but it's necessary to work for the things you want and have in your life so maybe I'll be ready for Mondays more (jk, I hate Mondays! ;p)

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