Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa's Little Helper

This past Sunday me and Adrian headed over to Petsmart to help with pet pictures with Santa. We didn't have to bring anything but since I knew Santa would need some elfs to help and I love a good reason to dress up in theme; I busted out all of my white, red and green and narrowed it down to a casual "elf" inspired outfit.

Dress and Sweater (Plato's Closet) Thigh-Highs (Sock Dreams) Chucks (Journeys)
Rings (Shasa/GlamourGeekBoutique/DIY)
I love my candy cane chucks <3 I've had them for over 5 years now and always bring them out for the holidays. Adrian got them for me when he was working at Journey's as an assistant manager. They gave all the employees a pair and when he showed them to me I knew I had to have some too. Maybe one day I'll wear them not during the holidays. Oooooh. Maybe I'll do Christmas in July??? lol
Those are the tips of Adrian's shoes <3
I've always wanted to do a little volunteering and really wanted Adrian to join me so when I was looking for opportunities I knew this one would be one that he wouldn't completely despise (he's not one for keeping kids or the elderly company) lol.

A few people showed up to help and there wasn't alot to do (unless you went and looked for stuff) but we really enjoyed ourselves and even offered to help with future opportunities. And the BEST part? Adrian ended up being Santa at one point *(^-^)*

Hehehe... He actually looks "jolly" in this picture <3
After this great experience I really want to do more. Can't wait for this upcoming year; maybe I can do more volunteering although I think I will look for stuff with kids and the elderly because I love them. :)

Have ya'll ever volunteered before? If so where is your favorite place to do so?

More holiday stuff to come *(^-^)*

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