Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Haul

After two days with family we were drained Saturday morning so we slept in pretty late. Adrian had been looking up reviews for some pizza joints in town because pizza is my favorite food and I always want to eat it so he thought we should try a new place.

The place we ended up at was close to downtown. We usually never go downtown because one ways are confusing and we get lost WAY too easily but since we've gotten new phones (w/Internet) our navigation has come in handy :)

The pizza was delicious. I got two different slices; a two meat one and a supreme. The crust was thin (but crispy) and the toppings were plentiful. Both were really good, will definitely be going back.

Afterwards we stopped at a few places to look around and right before heading home we stopped at Tuesday Morning because it had been a while since we last went. This place is awesome, if you have time and energy to look around because you never know what you're going to find and the prices are discounted :)

Here's the stuff I ended up getting that day

(3 Pk) Knee Socks w/Bonus pic of Kazama
Froggy Retractable Tape Measure (been needing one)
Tea Pot Pin Cushion (So cute and it matches my room so I can keep it on my dresser)
And last but not least: Collection of Pandas (They're so adorable. Going to use some as display and might make some into accessories)
Everything was very reasonably priced and I really do love all of the things I got. Sometimes the things you have to look for end up being some of the things you'll cherish most ;)

I also saw a very cute miniature pastel tea set and wanted to get it for my niece but my husband said unless I found something for her brothers (x3) that I had to put it back because it wouldn't be fair :( I'm not good with boy stuff so I reluctantly put it back in exchange for the pandas. Even after a few days I couldn't get my mind off the tea set so yesterday on my way home from work I stopped at the store again and told myself that if it wasn't there then it wasn't meant to be (there was only one set) and then I could forget about it.

After some searching I found it *(^o^)*

It really is super cute and I can probaly get some kind of use out of it so I'm keeping it for me ;)
Put it on display on my dresser (I switched up the plates and cups to mix match because I like it better than all one color)
Now, I want to have a tea party with my niece. We can get all dressed up and invite all of her stuff animal friends (*-*)
The rest of Saturday was spent lazing around the house which was fine with me after all the hustling and bustling. And I'm also very happy with my purchases (^-^)
Do you have a place you like to go and find odds and ends? Or somewhere you like to go to kill sometime? Love to hear about it...

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