Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays (although I pretty much say that about all of them ;P). When you're in a serious relationship things like holidays can sometimes get tricky. So, me and my husband divided the main holidays. Thanksgiving is for his family (since it's the one time a year his Dad's side of the family gets together) and mine is Christmas (because I love Christmas).

So on Thursday we went to his Uncle's house for Thanksgiving. It was wonderful, I always enjoy getting together with family and his Little Sister and Fiance were able to make it down from Dallas :)

As usual, the decor was very festive. I always feel so fancy ;)
And of course there was plenty of food
My Plate: Salad, Turkey, Ham, Spaghetti (his family is Italian so his Dad makes it every year. It's very good), Yams (I made them), Green Bean Casserole, Stuffing and a roll, I also made a couple of Pumpkin Cheesecakes but I forgot to take pictures (oops) It was delicious though (not jut my thought ;P)

Since my husbands family is a little more appropriate I dressed in something a little more classic though still very me. And got a chance to wear my new shoes :)

Dress (Marshall's) Cardigan (Old Navy) OTKs (Sock Dreams) Shoes (bought off EGL Sales)
 My family FINALLY decided to hear me out and we decided to have our Thanksgiving on Friday. Which was great, so we didn't have to rush over to my family's and instead got to go visit Adrian's Mom's side of the family :) There we got to see his Grandma and Aunt (who stays in Dallas). They even played Loteria (Spanish Bingo) and I decided to play since it had been a very long time and I won 4 times in a row! Then on our last game (w/$1 cards) I won with another girl so I took home an extra $8.50 :) I never have much luck so it made me very happy
Once we got home we relaxed to get ready for another family filled day the next day...

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