Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"What's in a name?

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"...   huhuhu

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to attend my little brother's play. He was playing the lead in Romeo and Juliet. I joined my big sister, her kids, my dad, step mom and all their kids (yes, lots of family. lol)

Although it was only a high school theater production and their first one (this is the 1st year the school opened). I had  a really good experience and would love to go see another play or better yet a musical :) Some of the kids in the audience needed some manners in how to act when watching someone giving their all in their performance (I'm looking at you there in the front laughing and taking pictures with the flash on) but the performers stayed in character for the most part and my little brother did great. :) He looked so handsome, and delivered all of his lines. I was quite proud.

Didn't get many pictures with my phone
Afterwards we headed over to the small carnival they had going on in the parking lot to benefit some of the extra curricular activities for the school. Since I didn't have to pay my entrance fee to the play (Thanks, Daddy :)) I decided to use my $5 there. I bought a bottle of water ($1) and gave a go at the pie toss ($2), which I hit the girl right in the face ONLY the pan turned around at the last minute so the foil hit her instead of the whipped creme :( lol. Then, I bought some sweets at a tent where they had everything 50% off since it was coming to and end. I got 2 cupcakes, 2 cookies and 1 rice crispy treat for $1. The last dollar I spent getting a couple of my little sisters faces' painted. $5 well spent :)

My pie tossing attempt
The carnival ended around 2pm which was perfect because as they were putting up it started to sprinkle so we all said good bye and headed home. I spent the remainder of the day singing karaoke, making some crafts and watching The King and I, while my husband went to visit his friend. It was a great day and I knew that Sunday was going to be awesome too.

Below is what I wore to the play. It was my first play so I wanted to dress up but not too ott, since I didn't want to embarrass my siblings. (They said I actually looked "normal". Yay! Mission accoplished.) Dress (Marshall's) Cardigan (Old Navy) Socks (Sock Dreams) Shoes (ShoeDazzle) Necklace (F21)

 Sunday we all met at my big brothers house because our Aunt was in town from Honduras. It was so good to see her and my Uncle again. Since they stay so far away we usually see them every few years so this meeting was long over due. It was a lot fun as usual (it usually always is when family's in the mix) and we got lots of pictures together. When she first saw me my aunt said I changed a lot (i said Thank you, as I take that as a compliment) and that I seem to be getting younger. lol Maybe ;P She has such a great sense of humor (so that's where my mom got it) and we really enjoyed all the time we got together. It was sad when she left but since she's going to be in town for a few more months while she gets knee surgeries (both knees) we'll get more chances to see her before she leaves.
Above is what I wore on Sunday. I knew that there would be lots of running around so I dressed really casual and tried a new hairstyle :) Undershirt, Shorts, OTKs and Necklace (F21) Cardigan (Target) Shoes (Journeys - Harajuku Lovers)

The weekend went by WAY too fast as usual, although that extra hour couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Work week has started once again and I'm looking forward to the weekend as usual. Wonder what's next...

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