Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Wkend Pt.1

I LOVE holidays! And I love holidays I get to dress up even more :) Halloween is definitely ONE of my favorites, for obvious reasons ;) And you can usually get away with dressing up before the day so I take full advantage.

The idea for what I had planned for my nephews and niece on Friday all started 3 weeks ago when me and my husband were having a discussion on Halloween movies. I told him how I love Hocus Pocus and hadn't seen in an a while, and he told me that it was one of the lamest Halloween movies. So I did what any rational wife would do... Exclaim how I wasn't going to watch it with him then ;P Who better to watch a good family movie with then some good family :) So I called up my sister and asked if they would be interested and she said yes.

After getting excited about going to watch a Halloween favorite I knew I needed to wear something to get me even more in the mood, so of course I knew it had to be witchy. Considering I didn't have a witch hat I looked up some DIY tutorials to see if I could find something easy and found one :) (There's a link on my DIY blog) I then went a little further and decided it would be even funner to decorate them with the little ones, so i spent 2 weeks making 7 hats (I didn't work on it non-stop though). I made different colors and sizes for more of a variety.

We had sooooo much fun. Kids really seem to like fabric paint because there was paint everywhere. LOL.

Pictures of the completed hats we made below. (Please excuse the quality of the pics. Took some with my camera too but computer's still messed up so these are from my phone) Warning: picture spam after the cut

From Left to Right: Joe Angel's (11), Anthony's (10), Jonathan's (9) and my niece Jocelyn's (8)
My Big Sister Besie's hat (one side)
(other side) Her hat was sooo cute. Made me jealous ;P
And My Mommy's Hat. She made the spider too. :)
And this one's mine. Yes. I do LOVE googly eyes ;)
We watched the movie and it was a really great time. After the little ones were sent off to bed I asked my sister so take some outfit shots for me and it turned into a fun photo shoot. I have some really funny jumping pictures on my camera so I'll try to find some time and a computer to load them, but for now here are some camera phone ones.

Tried to do flying Hocus Pocus style but that vacuum is HEAVY!
Yeah, I'm a dork!

Only "flying" picture caught with my cell phone camera (still pretty bad. lol)
Outfit Details: LS Shirt (F21) Corset (Charlotte Russe) Skirt (Agaci) Stockings (Sock Dreams) Boots (Sheik)
Hat (DIY) Bracelets (DIY)
Close up
Accessories Shot. I should have pulled up one bottom stocking more so they weren't so even. Oh well, next time ;)
Told you I was a dork. LOL! 
It was a lot of fun being silly with my Big Sister. I always feel like I don't have to hold back and can be myself when I'm with my family, because they have to love me? Or that's what I like to think ;)
Still have more Halloween fun planned. Can't wait!

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