Monday, October 8, 2012

In the Kitchen

Had a blast this weekend. :) I was lucky enough to have an early weekend since I took Friday off to take my Mom to the eye doctor for lasik surgery. At first I was a little bummed about the fact that I had to wake up early on my day off, but once I saw my Mommy there was no way I could be in a bad mood. :)

Here's what I wore that day (minus the kitty ears) I had my hair in braids, but I put it up into odangos to avoid it getting in the stuff we were making. I had this dress sitting out in my put up pile so thought I'd wear it again before I removed the Kitty applique, plus it didn't hurt that it would match my apron later. ;P
Outfit Details: Dress (Plato's Closet - Hollister) Stockings (Leg Avenue) Cardigan (Old Navy)
I made The Hello Kitty Ears & Bows for my Nieces' Hello Kitty Bday in June, Me & My Sister-in-Law made around 25 ears
I also made this applique out of felt since I didn't have anything Hello Kitty to wear
The surgery took less than 15 minutes. It was crazy how fast it was. We were then advised that she should rest for about four hours to give her eyes time to heal so we headed over to her place for a nap. It was just what I needed since I was sleepy and had a minor headache. My mom isn't one for forcing herself to sleep so she had enough after 2 and a half hours.

We woke up and went where my Little Sister works (Subway) to grab a bite and catch up with her. It was great. We caught her on her break so she sat with us. It was nice to talk to her since it had been a while. Afterwards we headed to the store to pick up the ingredients for a day of baking. It was fun to walk around with my Mom. She was so excited yet so freaked out how she could read the stuff without her glasses but was adjusting to the fact that one eye was fixed to see far away and one up close.

Afterwards we headed back to her place to start baking. And boy did we bake....

4 dozen cupcakes (2 doz. strawberry, 2 doz. chocolate), 2 batches of rice krispies (1 regular, 1 chocolate) and 2 batches of brownies (1 regular, 1 w/walnuts)

It was awesome! Little Sister even came home later & helped. Nothing beats spending a day in the kitchen with people you love, jamming out to 80's music and acting silly!

Serious baking going on
Man, I really need to cut my bangs..... They're soooooo LONG!!!
YUMMY Cupcakes!!! (Little Sister said I need to improve my sprinkles skills)
And I'll leave ya'll with a picture of the bake sale (why I baked all day Friday) I had set up at my father-in-law's BBQ Cook-Off on Saturday. Money was donated to Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Walk & Reach Unlimited, Inc.

Next up, is the rest of the weekend! :)

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