Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting into the Halloween Spirt

This past weekend wasn't anything special. I got home Friday after work and took a much needed nap, woke up a couple of hours later and stayed up late as usual. Saturday we did a bit of cleaning and ran some errands. And then tragically our computer stopped working :( Sucks because I had planned to put up my first 2 DIY tutorials I worked on. But that's usually how life is. (shrug) Sunday, Adrian went to work at his dad's shop so I took advantage and spent the day washing clothes (4 loads total, yay!) and got some work done on the DIY witch hats I'm making for a movie night with my nephews and niece. I also played around with make up which was fun because I suck at putting it on ;P. When it started getting late and I knew Adrian would be home, I decided to put on a cute outfit to finish off the weekend and get ready for the long work week.

Since I had been crafting Halloween stuff all day I couldn't help but make my outfit a little Halloween-y.

The black top I'm wearing I've had for ages and mostly use it for work, but since I got these new polka dot stockings and they match almost perfectly I knew I had to put them together.

I bought the dress a while back off And although this is the only orange piece of clothing I own (I'm not really a fan of orange) I really like it and have used it way more then I thought I would.
It's very easy to wear and looks great whether you wear it casual or dressy casual, but I do need to invest in a steamer because ironing this dress really is a headache.

I would have liked to wear some cuter shoes with this but my teaparties have yet to arrive. I'm so excited to get them, I've wanted a pair of cute mary janes for a very long time and when I discovered Lolita and saw them I knew I had a to have a pair or 50, but I guess I should get them in and try them on before I decide that. lol.

Adrian got home and we ate and headed to the stores for some grocery shopping. I finally got a pumpkin for carving later, can't wait. :) I even have a pumpkin outfit I put together just for the occassion. YAY! I love holidays!

Today I'll also be going to my Dad's to help finish up my little sister's homecoming mum. I love spending time with them so crafting and bonding at the same time will be bliss :) Until next time...

Boots & Stockings Close-Up

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