Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Junior's B-day

Saturday around noon I got a call from my Brother telling me they were having a bday party for my nephew that day. "Why so last minute?" he told me he had made the plans last week but he forgot to let me know. That happens alot, and not just with family. I'm always the last to know pretty much everything and its been like that for years so I'm kinda used to it already. lol. Luckily he said that it started at 4pm so I had more time to laze around since Friday we stayed up late.

Adrian and I watched a few episodes of Naruto since we'd gotten behind and before 3:30 I started to get ready. Adrian ended up staying in bed because he finally caught one of the illnesses that been going around :( . So I went alone. My brother had informed me over the phone that we'd be playing kick ball so to make sure I wore something comfortable and shoes that were good to run in.

So I threw on some shorts, socks and a t-shirt; and packed a cardigan since I always get cold. (took the picture below at the end of the night so I look very sweaty. lol)

Shirt (Converse) Shorts (F21) Socks (SockDreams) Cardigan (Old Navy)
I got there late as usual (I'm never on time) and arrived to a house full of kids (there were 17 LITTLE kids, I counted). It was crazy! Said hello to everyone and met some new people too :) . My bother had picked up BBQ with all the fixings for everyone to eat. It was delicious. Luckily after we were done eating the moon bounce my brother had ordered was set up and ready to be jumped in. I'm not sure how they would have been able to entertain a house full of kids without it. Got to spend time with some of my sisters and brothers; and then it was time for some pinata breaking.

Since my brother doesn't have a tree they tied the rope to the fence and he hopped up on the roof. I joined him because I couldn't miss an opportunity to get up there.

Found a pic my nephew took and you can see us on the roof (hehe)

Pretty sky picture I took on the roof
Unfortunately the pinata only lasted through 7 kids since the bday boy went first and was given a bat instead of a stick. Boy did he do some damage with that. lol.

Then we had cake and opened presents and afterwards alot of the people including the bday boy left, so we never got the chance to play kickball :( . It got dark and with most of the kids gone I took advantage of that and jumped in the moon bounce with my niece and one of my nephews. Man I can't believe how tiring that is; so after a while we headed back inside and that's when the youtubing started. LOL! At one point Gangnam Style was played and the kids and my older Sister (lol) started to dance. Good times. :)
Bonus picture of some of the kids dancing :)
 I left around 10pm to get back to my sick husband. It was a really good day. I love anytime I get to hang out with my family. They really are the best. I didn't get to go to the RenFair, but there's still a few weeks more to go so you never know. As usual I can't wait to see what else is in store for me. Guess we'll see... ;)

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