Friday, October 12, 2012


This past week my Husband and I celebrated our anniversaries. Our dating anniversary was Sunday (7th) which made 8 years together and our Wedding anniversary was Wednesday (10th) which is 4 years. We used to celebrate our wedding anniversary every month and as a gift I would get a new pair of heels; my Older Sister used to make fun of us and said that it would get old and boy was she right. LOL! The getting new shoes didn't (how could it ever); but we started forgetting, and it also got kinda expensive >_<.

Not even going to lie, our dating anniversary passed by without either of us remembering (I usually don't know what day it is unless I have work), but I knew Tuesday that our anniversary was the next day so I woke Adrian up Wednesday with a Happy Anniversary ;)

We had work as usual, so off to work we went :(

On my way home Adrian called me and asked if I wanted to go out to celebrate instead of him cooking like usual. Normally I would have said yes, but I really wasn't in the mood to be out and about and we should be saving money so I told him I'd prefer a nice low key night at home.

When I got home I decided that just because we were staying in didn't mean I couldn't make the day feel a little special, so I jumped in the shower and got dressed in something quirky and fun to make it feel a little more like a celebration. I had to clip my bangs back since they grew too long and I didn't wear any make-up since we were staying in so please forgive my bland face ;P

Dress (Marshall's) Cardigan (Target) Stockings (Ebay) Shoes (DSW - Steve Madden)
Adrian made beef stir-fry with carrots, broccoli and mushrooms with a honey-terriyaki sauce served over fresh steamed white rice. It was very yummy. Instead of eating in our room in front of the tv as usual, I cleared the table and we ate under the twinkling Christmas lights in the dining room. It was soooo romantic with the dim lights and Adrian's brother in the living room watching Big Bang Theory. LOL!

After dinner we cleared the table and went to our room for some "alone" time. We watched some tv and relaxed and took a few "pictures". It was a nice night and I got a couple of stockings out of it ;). Can't wait to place the order. Next year since it'll be 5 years we might do it a little bigger. Guess we'll see......

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