Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Homecoming Mum

Yesterday I went over to my Dad's house to finish up the homecoming mum I was helping one of my little sisters make. When we were buying all the supplies I really wanted her to help as much as possible so that the final product would be "her".

I remember in high school my sophomore year one of my really good friends made me a mum out of supplies she had at home. It wasn't a traditional mum but I still remember it very well. She definitely had me in mind while making it. Cute star as the back ground (instead of the traditional flower), lots of colorful ribbon cascading down and an adorable penguin plushy in the middle. I felt so special when she gave it to me at the dance (we went together, cuz who needs boys ;P) as I had never had something like that before.

I didn't have one my junior year but my senior year I made my first mum with the help of one of my cheerleading buddies and her mom. Since your senior year, the color scheme ends up being mostly white and gold or silver (depending on your school color) I decided it needed more color so I bought some colorful ribbon to add to the white and silver. I was so proud of my "mum" (I actually made mine a garter since it's easier to wear), it was so me. "Traditional" but with lots of color and of course a cute cheer bear carebear in the middle. :) I think I still have it ;)

After getting some of the traditional mum ribbon my little sister found some cute giraffe ribbon and told me how much she liked giraffes. Once I heard that, I knew that we would add it to make her mum something she would like. She also told me how she wanted to add some pink ribbon to add the names of a couple of people who passed away from cancer (since October is cancer awareness month). I thought it was a great idea since it was something dear to her heart so we went on the hunt for some nice pink ribbon. Surprisingly we didn't have much luck but I found some nice foam and asked how she felt about maybe using something like that. She told me that I'm better at stuff like that so we went ahead and got it. I won't bore you too much with everything else, and you can click here for more pictures of the process; but I'm quite glad with how it came out. She seemed to be very pleased with the end product which is all I need as a big sister. Next year (her senior year) she said she wanted it Toy Story themed, so I told her to start collecting things now. lol

I've made a few mums now, but the ones I enjoy making the most are the ones that really have the person who's going to wear it's personality. Going to see if I can find my old one now, just so I can stare at it ;P

Bye! Bye!

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