Monday, February 4, 2013

Outfit Post #27

I've been really bad lately about updating this blog so I think I might just start doing quick outfit posts and keeping these short and sweet. At least until I catch up. lol

This is what I wore for us to go out to eat for Adrian's bday (His bday is Jan. 8 but we went on the 9th). We ate at his favorite restaurant Papadauex. Since it was his birthday I decided to wear all black since he really likes when I wear head to toe black. lol.
Dress/Jacket/Necklace (F21) Stockings (Sock Dreams) Socks (Tuesday Morning) Shoes (DSW - Steve Madden)
Please excuse my terrible stocking runs. The first time I wore them I ended up taking off my shoes and walking bare foot so I got a few runs on my heels and I tried to do random runs to make it look cool and instead it just looks tacky. lol. Oh well, lesson learned >-<
Hair close-up. Finally got the hang of a very simple side ponytail that I found on YouTube. Took a while to get it right but now it's easier to do and becoming one of my go to hairstyles :) I think it looks cool with my color...

Do you have a go to hairstyle you use when on a time crunch? Or are you learning any new styles? Love to hear about it...

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