Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spongebob's Baby Shower

A few weeks ago I was able to attend a baby shower for a good friend of mine from high school. I hadn't really spent much time with her or any of the people I went to HS with so I was a bit nervous. Although my nerves were unwarranted because once we were together it felt natural, almost like we were back in time :)

I was one of the first people to arrive (I'm usually ALWAYS late. lol) Since I love to take pictures I asked the Mommy to be if it would be OK if I took the pictures for the event. And she said yes. Yay! I ended up with over 200 pictures. It was so much fun!

Some of the goodies/decor set up
Close up of the sweets <3 They were all yummy
Everyone wrote their wishes or advice for the MTB on the clothes and hung them on the "clothes line". So Cute
Me playing the TP game. I didn't win anything :( and was one of the first people out on musical chairs (I even fell) lol
Mini Softball Class of 05' Reunion
Top: Me (2nd Base) Olga (2nd/Outfield)
Front: Rocio (Outfield) Priscilla (Catcher) Janet (Pitcher)
These girls are awesome and it was so good to catch up. Hope we can hang again soon (^-^)

And more details and pictures of my outfit. I wanted to "try" to look mature. lol
I ended up being dark compared to everyone with all my black. Oops (plan fail)
Dress (Marshall's) Jacket (F21) OTKs (Sock Dreams) Shoes (Shoe Dazzle)
First time I wore my hair like this. I liked it alot, especially the way the color looks with it <3
Some people thought I was wearing a head band. lol
And better view of my shoes. They are TALL. But very pin upy <3
Overall I'm glad I had this experience. I really need to put myself out there more, because you never know how things will end up but if you just never do it then nothing will ever be able to come of it. You can do it! (Sorry, trying to keep my spirits up ;P)

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