Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not so Tea Meet

Last month some of the girls in our community (HLC) put together a small meet at a local tea house. I actually made it right on time only to find a few of the girls waiting outside of a closed tea house. After waiting a while someone came to the tea house, looked at us and went inside without asking any questions. Since they had just opened up we decided to give them some time before us bombarding them with questions.

After a little bit of time passed the gentleman came outside and asked what we were waiting for. A little confused one of the girls told him we were waiting for an appointment we had made online. He said he had just spoke to his wife (who was at home ill) and she wasn't aware of any appointments. Long story short they don't check the website they created even thought they have a place you click to schedule appointments so we were left to change our plans right then and there >.<

I think it worked out better (at least my husband thinks so since he's not one for tea and small sandwiches) since we ended up going to a Japanese restaurant up the road.

It was a nice time and I was able to talk to some of the girls I have been secretly (i guess not a secret anymore. hoho) stalking. lol

Outside of the Restaurant (Left to Right): Kay, Stephany, Me, Pengu, Samantha and Jessica
(Laurie left before we took this >.<)
After eating; some of us went to pick up our badges for Anime Matsuri at the local Marque
(Sorry the pic is so blurry) Members of the Houston Lolita Community w/Deneice from Anime Matsuri <3

They had this up for the new Monsters Inc movie coming out so of course we had to take pictures
HLC Gangstas. lol
Then after that we stopped at a local place called Sweets and I had my first macaron.
OMG! Absolutely Delicious (didn't get any pictures except the one below of some of the decor)

After we all went our separate ways and headed home.
It was a really great time and everyone I met was awesome <3

And here's my outfit shot.
Looking back at this (over a month later) I'm not completely happy with it.
I would do something more with my hair since it looks crazy but practice makes perfect ^-^
Blouse: Bodyline
Skirt: Anna House
Head bow: Taken from one of my dresses
Socks: Nine West
Shoes: Secret Shop
Bow tie: Handmade

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