Thursday, May 23, 2013

Anime Matsuri (Friday)

This past Easter weekend I finally got to attend our local convention Anime Matsuri. It's been around for a few years and has really grown so much but I really just suck at getting my tickets in advance before the prices skyrocket so I never got the opportunity to go. This year I made sure we got our tickets before hand and even asked for Thursday (we get Good Friday off already) and Monday off just so I could go all out without worrying about work XD

Have to break up my AM posts into 3 parts because there was just so much <3

Friday, Adrian and I got there a little before noon (because I took forever to get ready). We also met Adrian's good friend Adrian and his Wife (+daughter) there. Since the guys wanted to go be guys we split up and went our own way to explore. So much to see and do O^O

On this post I'll just put the pictures I took on Friday before the fashion show
HLC Members: Stephany, Kate & Tati
Mephisto Pheles (love him) - Blue Exorcist
Vampets - So Cute, Creepy and Adorable all in one <3
OMG YES! I saw Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)
One of my other favorite characters! Naruto - I love that he's in sage mode <3
(I kept seeing this guy everywhere and I couldn't help but smile. I really love Naruto!)
Tier Harribel - Bleach (Arrancar No.3)
Her Beaded face mask is so awesome

Harley Quinn and Joker
(Asked Harley if I could take a pic of her and at that exact time Joker was passing by. LUCKY!)
These pics are from the opening ceramony
Yaya Han (Cosplayer)
Took a pic while they were waiting O.O
Masumi Kano (BABY Designer) Tomomi Nakamura (AATP Designer) Misako Aoki, Midori Fukasawa
The Lady Spade: Lotta, Alicetogizzelle, Tiffany
They also had the Kpop dance group Waveya
Japanese Rock Band: Mary's Blood
After the opening ceremony we did more wandering and shopping
Madoka Kaname & Homura Akemi
Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Madeline (friend's daughter) and Rainbow Dash
Final Fantasy Cosplayers (at least I think so, not too familiar with them, but they looked so cool)

Belle and Madeline (She was so happy to see her. Fairy tales are true)
Getting a Chibi drawing made of me XD
Alice from The Lady Spade
(I first saw them in the vendor hall (all 4 of them) but was too nervous to ask for a photo.
I was mad I chickened out, so when I saw her in the RR I knew it was now or never. lol
So I waited outside like a stalker and got this lovely photo (w/her permission of course))
Sailor Moon <3
One of my favorites: Tsukimi Kurashita & Kuranosuke Koibuchi from Princess Jellyfish / Kuragehime
I'll try to post the rest of the day which will be the fashion show and stuff next time!


  1. hi! do you know how i can contact a vendor from artist alley? i got a commission from someone (quite expensive too!) and they said they'd ship it to me in two weeks (since then... so like a month and a half+ ago??) and i have no way to contact them. do you have any suggestions?

  2. Hello! I'm so sorry to hear about that. The first step is if you can; find out the name of the shop you commisioned and see if they have any online presense. If you can't find them anywhere online I would then talk to Anime Matsuri. Maybe John and Denise have their contact information since I'm sure they need that when people rent space. Hope this helped even just a little. Good luck! Really hope you get your stuff or money back ^^