Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was even more hectic then I was expecting it to be. lol. We were in charge of bringing the green bean casserole and dessert (chocolate candy cane cupcakes) to my family and brownies to Adrian's family. Luckily I did the brownies and cupcakes (-the toppings) the night before.
Of course I had to wear a super Holiday-e outfit
Dress (Plato's Closet) Cardigan (Old Navy) Stockings (Sock Dreams)
We first went to Adrian's parents' to open gifts :) His mother did such a great job decorating

My Secret Santa got me Minne footie pajamas, sock monkey slip on socks and pretty stationary (which I will put to good use) :)
After we opened gifts we went to my family's get together

Got a colorful lamp from Santa this time; which I am now using at my workstation

Had a blast hanging out with my family as usual and Santa even surprised the boys and girls with a Spongebob (which actually was a pineapple) and Barbie gingerbread houses.
Little Sister helped the boys (the rest of the boys were outside playing with one of my nephew's new BB gun)
And I helped the girls. Ginger bread houses are so hard. You have to let the frame dry properly (which we didn't) before overloading it with stuff. Our's almost collapsed several times; but luckily we had enough hands to hold it together long enough to get pictures. lol

Pretty good and very colorful <3. We almost gave up (which the boys ended up doing) but kept on going. Yay! Girl Power!!
Two of my Beautiful Nieces
After we got "proof" that we finished it; we didn't waste anytime tearing it apart and eating it.
Later in the evening we then went to Adrian's family and ate, hung out, opened white elephant gifts and then played pictionary (which we won on a come back of 4 points. Woohoo)
Family, Food and Great Memories everything you need to make it a perfect Christmas.
Did you have a good Chistmas? Have you ever made a gingerbread house? Love to hear about it..

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