Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Outfit Post #43 - 47

Sorry for the lack of updates (even more than usual ><) Started my other Lolita blog and since it's what I've been mostly wearing this one has kinda been neglected. Haven't really had much going on outside of Lolita but thought I should at least post my outfits in the meantime so here are some from a few months back. Some of these have links to my Lolita blog with more pictures so feel free to click them :)
Punk Lolita Coord for a Posing Meet that got rained out so turned into Museum and Karaoke
Dress/Blouse: Bought 2nd hand from girl in my comm
Socks: Bodyline
Shoes: Secret Shop
Purse: Loris
May the 4th B w/You Coord (My take on Princess Leia)
Blouse: Bodyline
Skirt: F21
Sweater: American Eagle
Outfit I wore to the annual OTC (You can read about it here)
Madame Butterfly Ballet Coord
More silly pictures of me and the girls here
Dress/Socks: Bodyline
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Secret Shop
Dress: Handmade bought of Etsy
Top: Marshall's
Sweater: American Eagle
OTKs: Bodyline
Shoes: Angelic Pretty
My next post will be my trip to Dallas so I won't just dump pictures, or will I? Huhu

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