Monday, June 3, 2013

Anime Matsuri Saturday

Although I had a 3 day pass for AM, we knew Saturday would be our last day because we're old people and needed time to recuperate from all the awesome madness, so we made the most of this day.

I got to the con a little before 2 when the tea party was scheduled to start. As usual it started a tad late but not too bad compared to other events that were very late or even cancelled due to timing. The line was massive but surprisingly I didn't end up at the very end ^^
Lolita Tea Party waiting line. I made Adrian take this picture for me. Hehe
I've never been to a tea party like this and was supposed to attend with my friend from the previous day but babysitter trouble kept her from coming with ;-;
Not even going to lie when they finally opened the doors to let everyone in I ended up close to the side staring around aimlessly not sure where or who I should sit with, when one of the girls (later found out she was the youngest member of our comm, Katie) called out to me. "Hey you! Yeah you! Come sit with us."
;^; Made me so happy!
I took a seat at the table and tried my best to take it all in. There was just so many beautiful frillies <3
Wish I had taken more table pictures
Then before I had time to fully take everything in; the doors opened and in walked in our guests of honor O.O
Masumi Kano, Tomomi Nakamura, Midori Fukasawa & Misako Aoki <3
They took their seats at the front of the room and a short time after we were told to start eating. While we did Midori had her phone passed around so she could have a picture of all the tables for her blog.
Once we were all done eating it was announced that we would all get a chance to sit in front of the guests and talk with them! Wahhhhh! Was so not expecting that!
While we waited for our table's turn I got some pictures

Noelle (VisualHeroine) and Stephany (Skyscraperopera) White x Gold
Double Wedding <3
And Lavender x White
The Lovely Lauren and her Boyfriend (She made his outfit!)
  Since AM was at the end of March  and I really had only been in the community since February and met some of the girls a couple of time, I was pretty shy at this event and sadly didn't get enough pictures of all the beautiful people :(
But it's ok since something even more magical happened that day... I met my Lolita Idol Misako Aoki!!! 
Baby Designer Masumi Kano, ME! and Misako Aoki
When I first sat across from them I sat there for almost 30 seconds giggling and teary eyed. I'm such a dork. Luckily Whitney (one of the girls from our table) had a translator on her phone and she was able to kind of communicate with them. She also let me use it although I didn't do very good since I was shaking too. I seriously need to get on learning Japanese for the next time I get a great opportunity like this.
Oh well. Next time!
Each of us were given a bracelet by AM that said Love a Lolita
and our guests gave each of us a Baby journal. I was given mine by Misako <3
Sorry I had to put a "mask" since the angle was almost up my nose ><
Before we all parted we huddled together and got a group picture together <3
After leaving the tea party I waited around to meet back up with my husband when I noticed Misako and Midori at one of the tables set up for autographs. Not sure if I was allowed to but I took advantage of the no line and asked if they could sign my journal
Look at how beautiful they are *^* and so sweet <3
I really wish I had taken pictures of Midori and Tomomi because they were so freakin adorable and I didn't know it at the time but they rarely dress in boystyle <3
I really thought that my day couldn't get any better after all of that but it did ^^
Saw Ciel Phantomhive AND Sebastian Michaelis TOGETHER!
Was so excited when I saw him! Kakashi Sensei (ANBU Style) <3
Also saw the Desert Punk, Kanta Mizuno
When the day was winding down and the evening coming to and end we decided to go to the hotel party we were invited to by some of the members of our Lolita community

OMG I had such a great time! And it was nice meeting other older Lolitas (since it was 21 and up). We talked, played games and lots of shenanigans ensued. All the girls were so nice. It really made me feel closer to my comm. I won't post any pictures from then because most of us had drinks in our hand ;P

Heading out we walked one of the girls to the show and she gave The Lady Spade a card she made that she had everyone sign. She's so cute ^^
Alice, Noelle, Lotta and SLF!! (Shit Lives Forever)
 I really had a great experience at my first Con and will definitely be attending AM next year though I may try to got to both tea parties next time.
I'll post my Lolita coords from Friday and Saturday in my next post so I don't spam too much ^^

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