Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Valentine's Meet individual pictures

Hello! I know, I know... I've been so terrible at updating this darn thing. lol. Just have been so busy fighting off illness (slightly succumbing to it) and working on lots and lots of outfit stuff. lol.

Have alot to post about like an awesome Zoo adventure with my family, Anime Matsuri (which was a Lolita filled weekend) and this past Saturday I attended the Japan festival in our city <3

This post is not about any of that though >< These pictures are actually from my first Lolita meet/experience that I posted about earlier.

Two of the lovely Lolitas had taken photos of each of us in addition to our group shot. Since she had over 500 pictures to sort and edit through they were done in sections. Mine came out so thought I'd share them with you.

Just a warning before hand... This was my first time doing pictures like this especially in front of people so I was very awkward yet Jessamyn did a great job making me look cute ^-^ Thank you Buddy!
Not sure why I was standing like this... Told you I was awkward. lol
There was two photographers so that's why not looking at this camera. lol

This one was my favorite <3
And a bonus pic of me blowing bubbles. My face shape is too long for that. lol
Check out Fox and Lion Photography's photostream they have lots and lots of pretty pictures <3

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