Thursday, April 25, 2013

Family Time at the Zoo

At the end of last year my Mom, Big Sister, Little Sister and Me took the day off from work and went to see my Big Brother and do some shopping. We ended up having such a great time that we decided that we should do it again.

So finally last month we were all able coordinate a Friday off from work and made plans to take our nephew/grandson/son (my brother's son. lol) on his first trip to the zoo. Which was super exciting since I had been wanting to go for the longest time <3

We all packed into my Big Sister's car, and man was it packed. We were 6 adults, my nephew w/his car seat, and a cooler with a stroller thingy on top

Packed in tight and sharing my space with a wheel. lol (w/little sister, she's so silly)
We made it!
 Little Sister (Crystal), Mommy, Christian and Big Brother (Abel)
Our Tickets
The tickets had different animals on them. So cool
I tried hard to narrow down the pics I took (274 I think).
There were just so many cool things and the animals were so cute.

Our first stop when we got in was the aquarium. It was in a separate building so as soon as we walked in the first tank was filled with small Jellyfish <3 I had never seen any irl and it was such a magical moment. They were so adorable yet captivating with each movement (*´▽`*)

More Jellyfish \(◎o◎)/
Here Fishy Fishy!!! (Deuce Bigalow reference. lol)
Can't help but think of Ursula and her eels when I saw this guy, even though the color is off
So pretty <3 Especially the lavender one
Hahaha. Found some masks
Momma and her baby. So cute
So happy we were able to make the sea lion show.
My nephew woke up just in time to see it, which he enjoyed very much.
Red Pandas. They were sleepy heads
Sloth. He looks magical here <3
Ahhhhhh!!! Piranhas!!!
Bats. They're so cool but at the same time they give me the hibbie jibbies
I think these are chipmunks. Either way they were cute (getting their grub on. lol)
Snakes are so freakin awesome. Got lots of pics of them but didn't want to spam so the Eastern Diamond-Backed Rattlesnake won. Those eyes... so much respect for these dangerous animals

Only semi full outfit shot I got. I tried pretend I was yelling but ended up just looking weird, hence the heart. lol
Tried to represent panadas in my outfit since we don't have any in our zoo
Hmmmm. Very interesting...
Little sister bought pretty stones at the gift shop

This day was beyond words. We had so much fun and really enjoyed each other's company. I say this alot but time spent with family are some of my most precious moments. Hope we get to do more stuff like this again.

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