Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lolita Love

I've stated before that I love Japanese fashion and that it has had a very big influence in my style as of late but the Japanese fashion that I have fallen in love with the most and that I have been wanting to try for a while has been Lolita.

I love Lolita so much and have been staring at endless pictures of all the different styles it has for a while. I love the cuteness of it, the elegance, the poofy-ness, the balance of color, the intricate details, the lace; pretty much just everything that surrounds this fashion. It looked like so much fun. Everyone I saw (on the Internet) wearing it pretty much had their own twist on the different styles and I loved every bit of it. The styles I found myself most fond of was sweet, bittersweet, country, kuro, shiro, sailor and punk. But I REALLY loved sweet/bittersweet <3

Unfortunately as usual; I had been to unsure of myself to actually try it out. First off I felt too old and I already had the weird looks from my questionable style choices. Also it can be very expensive to get into, so I just kept admiring it from afar and tried to learn as much about it as possible. I bought my first Lolita dress (it's handmade) about a year ago from someone off of etsy because I thought it was pretty cute and for that price I felt I couldn't pass it up. I wore it two times but never in an actual Lolita outfit.

Well, finally after lots of dreaming about it I decided to stop being a chicken and do what I want if it makes me happy. I contacted a very kind person I follow on Tumblr (who I knew lived in my city) and asked if there were any communities in our area because I thought knowing people who are into the same fashion might help me get out there more since I don't know anyone who dresses in Lolita. Unlike usual I was very lucky (I'm never lucky actually quite the opposite. lol) The girl I contacted was one of the Mods of our community and she added me to the Houston Lolita Community on FB. I was so happy (^-^)

Not too long after being added I saw that there was an upcoming meet and decided that I would finally make it a reality and started working on my first coord. Here's the "base" of the outfit I had planned with my petti and all. This was the first time for me to be almost completely in lolita. When I looked into the mirror I knew it was true love <3

Please excuse all my background mess
I didn't do a "complete" outfit since I was just checking to see if the colors I chose worked well with each other but I still felt so happy. It really was a great feeling.

I'll leave you with that as a teaser to my next post which will have lots of firsts for me *(^-^)*

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