Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Outfit Dump #52 - 57

Sorry. Going to be another outfit dump post. Hope you don't mind.
These are from June before and after I cut my hair.

My coord for International Lolita Day. You can read about my day here
Dress/Headbow: Baby the Stars shine bright
Blouse/Socks: Bodyline
Shoes: Secret Shop (though you can't see them here ><)
 Random outfit for dinner out (Wahhh! I hate my face! Oh, well)
Dress: F21
Cardigan: Old Navy
 Outfit I wore for Father's day. Spent the night at my dad's. It was fun ^^
Dress: Ebay (Hell Bunny)
Blouse: Bodyline
Socks: F21 (I was just wearing black chucks)
Punk coord I put together for a meet with my community
Dress: Bought from a girl in our comm
Blouse: Bodyline
Socks: Sockdreams
Shoes: Serect Shop
Coord to go out to eat with friends
Dress/Socks: Bodyline
Shoes: Secret Shop (this was my first time wearing them. I likey)
Purse: Ebay
My husband thought it would be funny to take a picture with his car like I was a model.
Here's my attempt. lol
Went out to eat with friends again, so this is what I wore
Dress/Socks/Undershirt: F21
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Payless
I've had this purse since high school. I added on the star trim (it's actually shoe laces. lol)
Was happy to be able to bust it out again ^^
Well, that's all I for now. There's lots that I didn't indicate where I got it; so if there something you'd like to know where I got it from, please let me know and if I can remember I'll gladly let you know. Hope you enjoyed it....

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